Still here


This website is still here…

Assisting Search and Rescue through Visual Attention


My PhD thesis is now available online including all the data-sets, videos and ancillary material.

Debugging Android


As a fan of doing everything on the command-line with a hint of ANSI-abuse, I needed a way of viewing the live debugging logs from an Android device. Enter the terminal:

Silicon Milkroundabout 7.0


Silicon Milkroundabout was quite exciting this year. Lots of interesting people and fascinating concepts. A little crowded at times, but London is a major tech hub. Thanks to the people I spoke with, I hope to hear from you again soon…



This website has been updated with my publication record in a vain attempt at boosting my citation indices. My work is transitioning to new fields involving wearable electronic sensors–a field I have followed with great interest and taught to undergraduate students.

In particular I am involved with the Commodity12 project which is designing, implementing and testing a personal health system for patients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus…

The Joy of Shell Scripting


One of the key reasons I adore Linux and other UNIX-like environments is the defacto presence of shell-scripting. It’s quite disturbing how much of the world is held together with BASH

Two-Factor Authentication on Debian


More and more of my life is hidden behind a password, however a single point of failure is not desirable. Therefore I’ve activated two-factor authentication for almost every service I use, including my own servers…

Nesting in OS X


James' list of his favourite applications for Mac OS X

Update in Progress


This website is going through a quick refresh in time for the next Silicon Milkroundabout.

Thought you’d like to know.

Silicon Milkroundabout


I am currently on my way to the Product Management and Design Day at Silicon Milkroundabout in London. Given that I have a series of nice Minicards to collect which feature this website address on a QR code, I thought it would be prudent to at least post something here…