James Mardell
An anaglyph of James Mardell

Quick Biography

Hi, I'm a Research Associate at Imperial College London working with Dr. Esther Rodriguez-Villegas in Wearable Electronic Sensors. I am also working closely with Prof. Robert Spence and Dr. Mark Witkowski to investigate novel interfaces for navigating large quantities of image data, combining Human–Computer Interaction and Visual Perception.

I'm an avid analogue photographer, and have taught darkroom skills such as film developing and printing. As the system administrator for my research group, I actively maintained our collection of UNIX and Linux servers while providing limited desktop Linux and Mac OS X support. Part of the role involved designing, implementing and maintaining a electronic notice-board for the group.

Social Media

I'm a frequent user of Twitter with the username @keot. The small amount of digital photography I produce can be seen on my Instagram profile, keot, with the same handle—its origins now escape me.

I am also on LinkedIn as keotuk and App.net as @keot, albeit to a lesser extent than Twitter.

I'm a heavy private user of GitHub, under the handle keot. You may have noticed a trend with my username, and can probably find me on most social media platforms.